Benjamin Chasteen.

Benjamin is an award winning photographer who worked for The Epoch Times media organization. Originally from Ohio, Benjamin grew up with photography following his father who started to teach him how to take pictures at a young age. 

Benjamin wanted to expand his career by attending a community college in Columbus in 2001. However, that year everything was changing to digital cameras and digital programs so stop pursuing photography.

As the years went by, Ben became a very spiritual person and decided to became a massage therapist in Ohio. He also studied a little bit of theater as well. In 2008 he had the opportunity of a life time to move to New York. He soon started to work at a Chinese tea house and became a tea master in the process and would perform traditional Chinese tea ceremonies.

In 2010 Benjamin had switch careers and started to work for The Epoch Times as a web photo editor and after a year and half he became one of their chef photographer and soon chef photo editor. 

Currently, Ben hosts the You Tube Channel, Edge of Wonder with his co-host Rob Counts. When Ben is not taking photos or vanquishing demons,  he enjoys reading, playing guitar, beaches, meditating, and having long discussions on spirituality, life, and the wonders of the universe.